How to Find Nearby EV Charging Stations in Google Maps

Google Maps’ Upcoming Features include finding nearby EV Charging Stations while driving and special features such as ATMs, Petrol Stations, etc. The New Feacher helps to find nearby electric charging stations through Google Maps, which is a built-in navigation feature for vehicles.

This article discusses finding nearby charging stations on Google Maps with information on your vehicle’s display while the low battery.


  • Nearby EV Charging Station Features are available on the latest version of Google Maps.
  • All EV vehicle navigation systems were built with Google Maps, which supports the latest features.
  • Google Maps shows information on nearby EV stations on the car’s display as soon as the battery level is low.

Electric car owners no longer need to worry about finding charging stations as Google Maps has introduced a new feature that makes it easier to locate them. The app will soon be updated to include information about EV charging stations, which will be displayed in the same way as petrol stations. As the demand for electric cars grows, so too does the number of charging stations. The current challenge for electric car owners is finding a charging station, but this problem is set to be alleviated with Google Maps’ upcoming update.

EV Charging Stations on Google Maps

Google Maps will use artificial intelligence to gather user reviews about EV charging stations, which will be displayed on the map. Users will be able to access directions to the charging station, as well as reviews from other users about the charging plug and queue times. This new feature will be available first in the United States but may eventually be introduced in other countries, including India.

The Google Maps app will also offer this facility to in-built electric vehicles, with information about the nearest charging station appearing on the car’s display as soon as the battery level is low. However, it is worth noting that Google Maps has been criticized for technical errors in the past, such as displaying the wrong location or leading users astray.

How to Find Nearby EV Charging Station using Google Maps

  1. Open the Google Maps on your EV Vehicle Navigation Section.
  2. Update the Google Maps app if you have an older version.
  3. Navigate the destination location and see the route map with directions.
  4. Now Google Maps shows the route map with nearby EV Charging stations and service provider details.
  5. When your vehicle battery is low, you can charge your vehicle at nearby EV Charging Stations.

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