TATA Motors Started A New Scrapping Plant in Delhi

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Tata Motors, a leading domestic car manufacturer, has opened its fifth Registered Vehicle scrapping plant in New Delhi, named ‘Recycle with Respect’ or Re.Wi.Re. The plant is focused on Eco Friendly scrapping and can safely dispose of 18,000 vehicles per year, including commercial vehicles like factory trucks and buses and registered cars of any brand.

The plant is a collaboration between Tata Motors and Johar Group Motors. It is fully digitized, with a separate Cell type section for commercial vehicles and a Line type section for passenger vehicles. The entire process is done online, eliminating the need for paper based activities.

The reason for scrapping these vehicles is the central government’s vehicle scrappage policy introduced in August 2021. This policy mandates the scrapping of commercial vehicles over 20 years old and cars over 15 years old to avoid harm to the environment. A study has shown that older vehicles emit more pollutants than new ones. Thus, it is a necessary step towards protecting the environment.

With the establishment of this new scrapping plant in Delhi, Tata Motors has set up five scrapping plants within a short span of time, with plants already in Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Surat, and Chandigarh.


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